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The 25-29 Sep 2024 7 ACS Reunion is open for registration. Come join the party in Dayton, OH.  Check out these links and register.
Check out the latest information for our Dayton 25-29 Septemebr 2024 Reunion in this attached newsletter:
Our next reunion is scheduled for 25-29 Sep 2024 in Dayton Ohio. We have a contract with the Holiday Inn in Fairborn.  Look for announcements on our Facebook Page 7th Air Commandos or on this page.  See you in 2024!
From Russ Painter: As a reminder our group cutoff date is March 31st. If you haven’t made reservations by this date, you will not get the reunion rate. Contact Venessa Blackmon I Group Housing Coordinator I The Island Resort, 1500 Miracle Strip Pkwy SE I Fort Walton Beach, FL 32548, 850-337-9194
vblackmon@theislandfl.com ;
Or, Russ Painter, famousg@icloud.com , 850-281-4858


We have a FINAL 2022 7 SOS Reunion Schedule and Registration. Please go to the links and we hope to see you in April. For questions please contact admin@7thsos.org

2022 7 SOS Reunion Schedule

2022 7 SOS Reunion Registration


28 Apr-1 May 2022 7 SOS Reunion Information and registration procedures coming soon. You can call and make your room reservation now at "The Island Hotel by RL" now, (850 337-9194 or www.TheIslandFL.com). Be sure to tell them you're with the 7th ACS/7th SOS for the group rate through March 27th.

The 2022 7 SOS/ACS Reunion is on track and we have booked "the Island by RL" on Okaloosa Isl. for our reunion from 28 April - 1 May 2022. Registration form and  pricing to be published soon.


The 23-26 2020 7 SOS reunion is Cancelled.  No decisions yet on re-scheduling. 


The 2020 Reunion Schedule and registration is attached.

2020 Reunion Schedule

2020 Reunion Registration Form


2020 Reunion 23-26 April (In conjunction with 1 SOW 40th EAGLE CLAW Remembrance)

Information on 2020 Reunion to be published to include registration data soon.



17-20 May 2018 Reunion Update!!! We had over 60 people already signed up and paid and over 25 for the "Sunset Cruise & 10 for Golf.




RAMADA Plaza Beach Resort,

Fort Walton Beach, FL

Mark the Date. We had our First Full Reunion Committee meeting on Saturday, 2 Sep and the date and the location are now FIRM. We are planning to offer Beer, Golf, Beer, Cruise, Fishing, Beer, Wurst Burn on Saturday, more Beer, Memorial Service on Sunday and for cleanup hot dogs and burgers and finish the Beer. We will also offer online registration and payment, hopefully in November (Pay by check will always be an option). Price & firm schedule to follow! Questions contact Mike or Sharron Scott at mikeabq@aol.com. All are invited (All Talon/CV-22 friends of the7th), spread the word.

PDF Registration Schedule
PDF Registration Form

2018 Online Registration


Last Chance to Sign Up for 2017 7 SOS Reunion.

OK folks, this will be my last post for trying to convince some you "slow leakers" to make up your mind and join us for a fantastic trip and reunion with our Sons of the 7th at RAF Mildenhall on 5 July 2017. The last day to sign up is THREE weeks from today 15 Sep 2016. We have a great trip planned with great times with the 7th, Duxford air Show, London, Rüdesheim wine tasting, Heidelberg, Rothenheim, Sembach & Ramstein AB, and finishing up in Munich. Mail in your deposit now so we can begin final reservation and commit to buses, hotels, tours, and restaurants. Join us! From Lt Col Jim Peterson: Our preparation for the reunion next summer continues in the squadron areas. We are getting excited about the opportunity to hang out with former members of the 7th here in the UK. You have my word that whoever shows up will not pay for their first round and that we will all share a toast to the finest flying squadron in the United States Air Force!
Once a son always a son!

2017 7th Reunion Registration

We have arrived and the 2016 Reunion Registration Form is now available at the link below.

If you wish to pay by credit card, please complete the registration form and after the total amount put "Paid by PayPal" or "CreditCard" and mail it. For Credit Card (Not PayPal link, just  call Russ Painter at (850) 710-3292 or cell (850) 281-4858.

2016 7 SOS Reunion Registration Form


2017 Reunion Return to our Roots

Registrtion Form is attached.

Many of you indicated you wanted to be notified once we get a more reasonable draft plan of our 2017Back to our Roots reunion put together. Well, we’ve done it and attached is our initial plan with initial estimates for costs!

You can start looking at airline opportunities for a departure from the US on 5 July 2017 to arrive at either Gatwick or Heathrow in London on the morning of the 6th. Plan your return trip from Munich Germany on the 17th. We will coordinate pickup of everyone once we get your airline schedule and we’ll have a bus drive us to Bury St Edmonds to the Angel Hotel. On the 7th we’ll have a 7 SOS Open House and a Combat Dining Out that evening. On the 8th the bus will take us to Duxford for the Air Show and tour of the museum. On the 9th the bus will take us to a London Hotel and we have a free day there. Then on the 9th we’ll take the Eurostar across the channel to Brussels and Bus to Frankfurt for a two night stay. We’re planning a River cruise on the River Main to the Rhein River up to Rüdesheim for some wine tasting. If the river cruise doesn’t work we’ll do a bus tour instead. Then a bus ride south to Landstuhl and tour of Sembach and Ramstein for a few days and on the 11th the bus will drive us to Munich for a two-night stay and some tours and Biergarten good times.

Now is the time to commit. The first 60 to submit their $500 deposit and registration will have their seat guaranteed. You have until 15 September of 2016 to mail in your deposit, which is non-refundable (Except for emergencies or tour cancellation).

It will be a blast! I already have over 90 people showing interest. Money talks and guarantees your place in line!

Cheers my friends,
Adapt or Perish (AoP)

Max Friedauer
7th Air Commando Society (7 ACS)
10 Ridgelake Drive
Mary Esther, FL 32569-1658
Home 850-243-1343
Cell 850-543-0475
Max@7thsos.org http://7thsos.org
Adapt or Perish!


2017 REUNION in Germany

Folks, I could really use some input and what you don't want to see and what you would like to have included in our 7 SOS 2017 Reunion Trip to the UK and Germany. Of course, we can't satisfy everyone and with everything we add on, it gets more expensive.

I'm going to post a very rough "ROUGH" concept of where I am at this point. What's fixed for now is you will depart the US on 5 July to arrive Gatwick or Hethrow in England in the morning of 6 July 2017. We will meet everyone there and take a bus to Bury St. Edmonds for our Base Lodging at the Angel Hotel. Then we'll spend time with the 7th and attend the Duxford Air Show.

We will then take the Eurostar to Germany on or about 9 July. We can skip Frankfurt and the Wine tasting and tour of Spangdahlem (the 352d and 7th's new home in 2018-2020), and take the Eurostar to Paris vs. Brussels and spend a day or two in Paris and then visit K-town, Sembach, and Ramstein and finish up in Munich for our return trip to the US. You can of course extend your stay as you like or come early and just join us in London for the bus ride to Bury St. Edmonds. Please give me some input. I've received some feedback that some have no interest in visiting Spangdahlem or Rhein Main/Frankfurt. Easy to delete and make other plans. Hope to see your posts below or you can e-mail me at Max@7thsos.org

Checout the DRAFT Document here:  Click Here for Draft 2017 Reunion Agenda 











Just a quick update. 

Once again, the 7th came together to put together the finest Reunion yet.  Thursday night brought approximately 100 CT warriors together for some final set-up and hospitality, Friday 21 played Golf at the FWB City Course and 189 joined us for a Bratwurst and Knockwurst dinner on Friday night, and Saturday approximately 80 came together for a Symposium at the 15 SOS and a static display of a Combat talon I and a Combat talon II.  The the group returned to the hotel for a BBQ where 191 joined us.  The last 4 standing on Friday night emptied the keg at 3:30 AM.  On Saturday night I left at 1:30 A.M. so I could get up in time to set-up for Sunday's Memorial Service. On Sunday we had approximately 100 CT Air Commandos attend the Service at the Quality Inn Bayside under the big tent. Col (Ret) Steve Connelly, previous 39 SOG Commander and AFSOC/DO, provided the invocation and the Emerald Coast Drums and Bugle led by 7th ACS member Les Matheson played prior to the ceremnony and finished with Amazing Grace. During the weekend numerous past and present Combat Talon squadron commanders were also present.  The 1 SOS commanders were TJ Doherty, Lee Hess, Tony Bauernfeind, and Joe Hastings; 7 SOS commanders present were Tom “Omar” Bradley, George Ferkes, Walter “Walt” Schmidt, Mark “Mo” Alsid; 8 SOS commanders were Lloyd Moon, Jerry Thigpen; 15 SOS commanders were Evans Glausier, William “Boomer” Saier, Lt Col Pat Wolf; 19 SOS commander was Mark "Slim" Conner; 711 SOS commander present was Lt Col Tony Lawrence. DONT MISS THE NEXT REUNION, 15-18 MAY 2014 AT THE RAMADA BEACH RESORT ON OKALOOSA ISL.


2012 CT & 7 SOS Reunion Final Report


2012 CT & 7 SOS Reunion Hot-Wash Executive Summary



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